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Things not to be Missed in San Francisco, California

Things not to be Missed in San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a beautiful city by the bay that has a lot to offer visitors.
With it’s steep hills and diverse cultural heritage, San Francisco has so much wonder to experience. I left my heart in San Francisco, high on a hill, it calls to explore and embrace every single corner of this city.

Here is travel path for one day trip in San Francisco you may follow while you are in town. I visited the city during Spring season (early April) so it wasn’t so cold at the time but be aware as the weather may change anytime.
Add in wind, fog, and my obsession with athleisurewear (hahaha, yes I am! Who’s with me?) and it only makes sense that most closets in SF have at least one jacket from The North Face or Columbia, if not several. You know, because sometimes you need a lightweight puffy, sometimes you need a puffy with a hood, and sometimes you need a “stylish” puffy. Also always have an umbrella or a raincoat with you! Last but not least, don’t forget to bring your smile 🙂

Where to Visit in San Francisco

1. Golden Gate Bridge

My favorite!
How can I not include the most well-known attraction to my list? This gorgeous structure is fun to visit. It is also an important part in San Francisco’s history as it official bridged the gap between SF and the rest of Northern California. For me it is not just a bridge but it is a very amusing landmark which stands enormously on Pacific Ocean. I strolled around the bridge which expands 3 miles away by walking. You may also stroll by renting the bike that is available in almost every corner of this city.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco from Golden Gate Bridge visitor center

2. Palace of Fine Arts

A beautiful Romanian building in a lovely setting set by a small lake with a fountain. Gorgeously maintained landscaping and flora along with a wonderful piece of architecture. The building’s dome is easily seen from many viewpoint several places the city.

3. Lombard Street

You must see the steep, crooked street in San Francisco. It was interesting watching cars navigating their way down. . Known as the “crookedest” street in the world, the steep hills and sharp curves of this one-way road pass by grand Victorian mansions and attract millions of tourists each year. You must see the steep, crooked street in San Francisco. It was interesting watching cars navigating their way down.

4. Hyde St. Cable Car

If there’s a more joyous experience than driving across the Golden Gate Bridge on a sunny day with your favorite song blasting on the radio, I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s riding the cable car as it rumbles past Union Square and then catching a glimpse of the Transamerica Pyramid and the sparkling bay behind it. Or strolling along the Embarcadero to AT&T Park in time to see a Giants splash hit into McCovey Cove.

Cable car is one of the thing that can’t be missed while you are in San Francisco. It is the world’s last manually operated cable car system! For the visitor, San Francisco cable cars are not a means of transportation but a destination, one of the things one has to “see” if they go to the City by the Bay. Super pretty and fun! It is an experience you won’t regret! Ticket is $7 for one time ride.

One of the spot where you can hop on to the cable car

5. Fisherman’s Wharf

In front of the sign of Fisherman’s Wharf area (enjoying my Ben&Jerry’s!)

Fisherman’s Wharf is where you can buy a delicate seafood! Food is a little pricey here but worth to buy because, hey…the view that it offers is superb.

Don’t miss the famous clam chowder in Fisherman’s Wharf!

6. PIER 39 and Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco

Not compulsory but I found it fun to hang out here. The food is super good as well as the ambiance. They also sell some souvenirs/gifts in this shop. Be sure to grab one!

7. Transamerica Pyramid

The Transamerica pyramid is an iconic San Francisco symbol & part of the skyline. At the end of the day, it is a building and not necessarily a tourist attraction. The building can be seen from many vantage points throughout the city. The building is located in the financial district and during work hours, can be crowded with people working in the area & pretty quiet on the weekends. Most of the shops along the way will be closed on the weekends.

8. China Town

Similar to other Chinatown in the world, this place offers a great place with really busy eclectic mix of Chinese food shops, tea houses, restaurants and bakeries. Well worth a stroll through to soak up the atmosphere. Chinese bakeries are worth popping for buns, and the tea houses are worth visiting for a taste of every green tea you could possibly imagine.

The only difference I feel in this China Town is that you must go up an down hill to stroll around. You can also see the Transamerica Pyramid from some of the spots here.

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