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2 Days in Prague: Backpacking Itinerary

2 Days in Prague: Backpacking Itinerary

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic, which also long time ago, it was the capital of Bohemia, a residence of Holy Roman Emperors, an important city during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the capital of Czechoslovakia. Located in the center of Europe, Prague is strategically connects your travel path from Austria, Germany to Poland, Hungary, or vise versa. If you are looking for European-vibe travel experience yet with less expensive budget, Prague is the place!

If you see the geography of Prague, the city basically is divided into 2 area. First is Old Town area and the other is Castle area. They are separated by the Vlata River which runs through the city influencing a breathtaking landscape and natural parks. Prague city central is not too big so every site is reachable by walking. Here are few tips to help make the most of your trip.

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Day 1Day 2Travel Cost –  Where to StayWhere to Eat

The Hostel I used during my stay in Prague: Hostel Miles
Only 8 EUR per-night!!! It is unbelievable!
It is very cheap and located in the center, literally 10 minutes walk to Old Town Square. I totally recommend this hostel to the budget traveller/Backpackers, This is a cheap hotel but nice and strategically located hostel. For woman traveler, don’t worry because you don’t have to stay in mixed dorm because this place offers female dorm too.

Day 1 – Old Town Neighborhood

1. Vyšehrad Castle

8:00 am

Starting the trip from southernmost part of this trip path. Vyšehrad is a must see because it is place where Prague was born. Just like other castle, it is also located on the hill so you gotta hike a little bit to reach this place. In rewards of those little hikings, you will see the city of Prague from the top of the hill. Dip a cup of Italian coffee at Segafredo Cafe for breakfast before you leave this castle area.

2. Farmer Market


Walking along the Vltava river to the north towards the Old Town Square, you will find a great panorama of the town and groups of swan by the river below the bridges. You may feed the swans by handing some of your rotten bread crumbs or any food you have, they will like it so much

Swans by Vltava River

3. Dancing House


This building is very interesting to me. Apparently this building was reconstructed after it is destroyed by the bombs on WWII.

3. Statue of Franz Kafka (Otočná hlava Franze Kafky)


It moves, shines and looks fabulous. Try instagram boomerang by doing static pose while the layer of the head is moving.

4. Municipal House

Municipal House


The Municipal House has been one of the most significant public buildings in Prague for over a hundred years. After the city administration had purchased the plots where the Royal Court, the medieval seat of the Bohemian kings, used to be located, they announced an architectural competition for the Municipal House in 1903. Unsatisfied with the results of the competition, the city administration awarded this project to architects Antonín Balšánek and Osvald Polívka. They designed the Municipal House, following instructions from the city council, as a multifunctional building, which included areas for ceremonial purposes, exhibitions, concerts as well as restaurants and shops. .

The tours are in English and Czech language; printed versions of the commentary are available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.
The tours take approximately an hour.

5. Old Town Hall (Christmas Market in Winter)

Christmas Market taken from Staroměstská radnice s orlojem


Late lunch in the Old Town. If you visit Prague during late November till early January, you can find chrismast market in Old Town area. There are plenty food stalls you can try here. But for lunch, we prefer something fulling and satisfying so we went to Restaurant instead. We went to Restaurant U Provacnice and tried some Czech original cuisines such as Svickova and Gulash. It was pretty much new taste for me as we ate tenderloin steak with berry sauce but I liked it. The price is very affordable too for centrally located Restaurant in Old Town neighborhood.

6. Old Town Astronomical Tower 

Finished eating, why don’t you stroll around the old town? Take a picture and appreciate the artistic building it offers.

When it the sun is about to set, go to Astronomical Tower to see Prague’s skyline from above.

Don’t forget to buy the ticket in advance before you go to this place to avoid queue. Buy the ticket here
If you don’t, you have to stay in a long line to buy the on the spot ticket, then get queuing for the lift to go up. 
Anyway, the panorama view on the observation deck is amazing. You can go around the tower and see the town from all of sides.

Lady’s Church view

7. Good Time Coffee and Bakery (BEST TRDELINK SHOP)

Strolling around Prague in the night is also good idea. The narrow streets will offer you European romantic vibe you won’t forget (if it is not too crowded). Now you must be seeing many shops are selling a chimney pastry they claimed to be called Trdelink.

Trdelink is a pastry that is very popular in Prague. Eventhough it is not originally coming from Czech, this unique cake is still popular among tourists and instragrammer. You may find lot lot of Trdelink along the street in Old Town Square, where they’re made outside as you watch. BUT be careful, not all of them are worth the pennies. Try the trdelink in this shop, it won’t betray you. It has great taste with various pastry flavor and also the toppings you can choose.
The dough itself isn’t actually all that sweet, but the outside has a really lovely, caramelized richness and aromas of burnt sugar.
It comes into two varian, the original trdelink with the hole and the other is customized trdelink. In the original one you will find it cheaper because they just put melted chocolate inside the hole. The customized trdelink is very pretty because they have various toppings. It is perfect to be posted on your instagram feed.

Our today’s flavors are vanilla chocho (left) and greek yoghurt with raisins (right).

My favorite chimney pastry (Trdelink)

Day 2 – Sunrise Tour Prague Castle Neighborhood

1. Crossing Charles Bridge (After sunrise)

7:30 am
I am not kidding. You better visit this bridge on the earliest (to avoid terrible crowds)

Charles Bridge is always open and full of tourists. I start the tour in the sunrise to see the bridge without much people there. But before that, you can also visit the Old Town Square once again to enjoy the view without crowds of tourist.

Less tourist after the sunrise in Charles Bridge
(taken at 7.30 am in December 2018)
Charles Bridge at 7.30 a.m. in December

2. Lesser Bridge Tower

Lesser Town Bridge Towers (Malostranské mostecké věže)

cr: prague city tourism (

These two stylistically different towers, connected by a gate, form the entrance to the Lesser Town from Charles Bridge. The smaller tower is Romanesque, dating from the 12th century; its current Renaissance appearance dates to 1591. The taller Late Gothic tower, from 1464, is based on the architecture of Parléř’s Old Town Bridge Tower. From its viewing gallery, you get a stunning view of the flowing Vltava River and the historical city centre. (cr:

3. Municipal Library of Prague

The library building on Mariánské Square was built between 1925 and 1928. It was the first purpose-built library in the then Czechoslovakia as well as one of the most modern in Europe at the time. The exhibition space on the second floor is used by the Prague City Gallery. Its mission is focused primarily on presenting Czech modern art from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Municipal Library of Prague houses a somewhat unique exhibit – a tower of books with strategically placed mirrors that give the appearance of a never ending spiral of knowledge.

Tower of Books

4. Klementinum Tour

The tour takes about 50 minutes and I love this tour very much. I like our guide, he is so knowledgable and super friendly (Mr. Pedro, if I am not mistaken the name).
At the end of the tour, the guide will lead you to the top of Astronomical Tower by spiral stairs. Here you can observe the city again with the view of Charles Bridge closer to you.

The breathtaking view I took on the Astronomical Tower

5. Last day’s TRDELINK

Still in Good Time Coffee and Bakery, lets enjoy trdenlik for the last time before we leave Prague. Today’s flavor is Coconut charcoal (right) and again the vanilla chocho (left).

Travel Cost

When in Prague you can choose pretty much any cuisine you want. Super budget travelers can make a super cheap lunch of bread, cheese, etc.
Trams, subways, and buses can take you absolutely anywhere and they are cheap.

Here is an example of expenses during my 2 days Prague Trip.

Prague Public Transport Tickets and Passes

Every ticket can be used on any type of public transport as many times and with as many transfers as you like for the duration of the time period for which it is valid. To mark the start of the validation period, you must punch the ticket in one of the validation machines that are located at the entrance to every metro station and on trams and buses.

Where to Stay

Here’re the list of affordable and strategically located accomadations in Prague:

  1. Hostel Miles (closest station: Mustek subway station. 10 mins walk from Old Town Square)
  2. McSleep Hostel Prague
  3. The RoadHouse Prague
  4. Prague-1 Hostel

Where to Eat

As I mentioned many times, eventhough not originaly come from Czech but I love the chimney pastry in Prague very much. You can find many shops selling Trdelink along Prague Old Town. My recommendation is Trdelink they sell in Good Time Food and Bakery. They only have one branch near Charles Bridge. Trust me, the Trdelin in this bakery cafe won’t dissappoint you.

Speaking of traditional food, Czech also has many original cuisine that you must try. One of them is Svíčkova and Goulash.
Svíčkova is a Czech meat dish and one of the most popular Czech meals. It is sirloin steak prepared with vegetables spiced with black pepper.
Goulash is a stew of meat and vegetables usually seasoned with paprika and other spices. Goulash is not emblematic of just one country. It is THE national dish of an entire region of Central Europe.

And where to find those food cheaply and tasty? Here are some of restaurants that will satisfy you and your belly.

1. Restaurant U Provaznice

Address: Provaznická 385/3, 110 00 Staré Město
Old Prague restaurant U Provaznice is located near the metro station Mustek “A”, near Wenceslas Square and offers homemade Czech cuisine, beer, a selection of homemade lemonade and a pleasant atmosphere of a traditional Czech restaurant. Meals are prepared according to old recipes of traditional Czech cuisine without the use of any blanks and artificial flavors. Make sure to try Svíčková (Tenderloin with dumplings) as it is one of signature dish of the country. Price for main dishes vary from 150 CZK-250 CZK per plate. Quite affordable!

Svíčková and Pečené kachny

(Tenderloin with cream sauce and A quarter of a roast duck )

2. Repre Restaurant

Access: Nekázanka 4/857, 110 00 Nové Město, Ceko

One of the few places you can eat a main meal for less than 100Kc. Great cheap food just off Wenceslas Square. Menu changes by day due to availability. Lunch starts at 12pm until 3.30pm. Arrive early to get the option of all the dishes because they do run out.

3. Jordan Fast Food

Address: Malostranské nám. 36/22, 118 00 Malá Strana
This restaurant serves a wide selection of delicious Middle Eastern dishes and beverages, at reasonable rates. This restaurant is perfect for Muslims, since the food served is Halal and alcohol-free. Only fresh, Halal and natural ingredients are used in the dishes. If you are looking for a different taste-rich dining experinece, Jordan Fast Food is a must. If you sit and eat ath the outside lounge, you can enjoy the view of Czech historical buiding right in front of you.

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