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Pathway to do Internship at Fujitsu Limited JAPAN

Pathway to do Internship at Fujitsu Limited JAPAN

I did the internship in Fujitsu Limited when I was still a final year student back then. It was my very first internship opportunity I ever take.Meanwhile, I love Japan at the first place. I’ve been living there before and since that time I always want to go back again to Japan. I called it motivation 😀
Now, I am officially mentioned as full-time employee in Fujitsu so I try to share my experience to you guys (probably some of you want to follow my path and work here too, I will be so happy)

Being an engineer in Japan is one of my dream since I was a freshman in college. Thus, once I heard about the opportunity which was brought by ASEAN Career Fair  (the job fair who gathers excellent Japanese companies) I had no doubt to participate to this event at that time.

1. How did I get this internship experience?

Moreover, unlike any other typical Japanese career fair, ACF never requires us to be fluent in Japanese.

Also, most of the company in the that exhibition provided us with face-to-face on site interview for prospective candidates. Furthermore, some of them offered a short-term internship opportunity just like Fujitsu does.

2. Passing 1st and 2nd interview面接

To be honest, there were several interviews that I need to participate. The first one was in Singapore and the 2nd one was held through video conferencing. The 2nd interview was the key whether I would be accepted as an intern or not.

Unlike most of the participants, I have lived in Japan before for 1-year to join an exchange program, so it left me no worries regarding Japanese environment and culture. Moreover, I think Japan’s business culture has to be one of the most unique in the entire world. They uphold dedication, collaboration, detail, and manners above all.

However, I thought language was probably still becoming an issue since almost all of us, ASEAN students, don’t speak in Japanese. In order to overcome this, as I heard that Fujitsu will provide Japanese Language training during the internship, my worry about language barrier was lessened. (Just lessened ya… not gone.. lol)

3. Decision to Take The Internship Opportunity

Before starting the real working-life overseas, I personally  think that it is really important to have a shot on the short-term internship first. Since Fujitsu is known as the superior company in the field of IT among all other, I am pretty sure, this internship opportunity will help me to enhance my skill and competence.

Besides, from the other viewpoint I feel that I will learn more about my culture from living in another because the only way to really understand my own culture is to step outside of it.
During my 5 weeks of internship, I was assigned with a project which at first I really didn’t know I could do it within the certain time given. The project was a completely new thing for me that I have never tried it in college before. However, as the time went by, I found it pretty challenging because the tool/system  I created will be useful for my department’s project documentation in the future. Also, I saw the other senior engineers in my department as pro in the field I was working on but they always assisted me if I need any help.

4.  How was my internship in Fujitsu Japan? ( what did I do ? How about my co-workers ? Are they  nice )

Likewise, this internship gave me many opportunities to have business meeting with so many well-known telecom provider companies in Asia including my country. I learned the new technology Fujitsu offered to the clients and had a discussion. This kind of activity allowed me to think deeper and dig my knowledge further to find the new idea or improvement in order to create a better tomorrow with technology.

As a Muslim, there are some difference in terms of culture such as specific praying time in a day and prohibition from drinking alcohol or eating certain foods. Gladly, everyone in the office are very respectful towards my belief and circumstances. I was facilitated with one private room in the office which I could use it for praying even during office hour. Moreover, it was Ramadhan (holy month when all Muslim do fasting) during more than half of my internship period. I was surprised that most of the co-workers in my department were knowing about Ramadhan and gave me high tolerance regarding my belief. Luckily, I didn’t meet any difficulty in keeping my worship in Japan.

Also, all of the employee are very kind to me. During my 5 weeks internship, we had a dinner party once a week to celebrate many things including my welcoming and farewell.

with co-workers

5. My Future Plan

My priority in working as an engineer is located in the improvements not by maintaining stabilization but by innovation. Thus, I hope I can see myself as an engineer who drives great innovation in the future.

Meanwhile I want to improve my Japanese ability since language is a doorway to a particular culture. I believe learning a new language enables a person to have a broader understanding of that race or culture.

That’s all from me! If you want to hear more about my experience, feel free to reach out through instagram!

*Update 2020/06 I am no longer working in Fujitsu, but I am forever grateful to this company and the people – for all of the experience and joy while working there!*

username: @claudiakhans *maybe set private sometimes*  / @cloudymint (artpage – always set to public)

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  • Halo Kak,

    Terima kasih banyak artikel yang kakak tulis tentang intern di Fujitsu. Saat ini, bulan maret lalu saya sudah diumumkan bahwa saya keterima intern di Fujitsu. Tapi,
    Saya ingin tanya tanya tentang intern di Fujtsu yang lebih dalam lagi kak? ☺️ Apakah boleh kak?

    Oiya saya sudah DM kakak melalui IG yaa. Thanks kak!

    • Hi Yuda,

      Sebelumnya selamat, sudah diterima untuk intern di Fujitsu!
      Maaf ya baru balas. Iya silahkan kalau mau tanya2 dm di IG jg boleh. (Sudah diapprove ya – maaf jg telat)

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