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Hi, I am Claudia

me at work

My friends call me Claud, also some Japanese friends call me “kumo/くも” which means cloud in Japanese. In short, I am an explorer, an endless learner, and an adventure-seeker. I am 24 years old girl, working as a full-time engineer in Japan. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering from University of Indonesia at 2016. My specialty is communication engineering, so if your field of interest is aligned with mine, feel free to reach out for mini tech/geek discussion.

Me and Adventure

Living in a foreign country and being immersed in a foreign language challenged me and I realized that not only did I enjoy the feeling, but I actually thrived on it. I love almost every adventurous activities. They are nothing but wonderful. Whether it’s hiking to witness a beautiful sunset, going for a long long cycling or trying a new food, you never really know where life is gonna take you. Snowboarding is also one of my all time favorite sports. One of the extreme sport I am not yet familiar with is water sport. I just…can’t swim haha. Somebody please patiently teach me how to swim.

Me and Travelling

I am not a fulltime travaller (yet). I do love travel the world and aim to visit as many country as possible. As my childhood dream is to travel the world also the universe, I always try to use my vacation opportunity to travel. What do I like most about travel? It’s probably the feeling of wonder and culture shock when I arrive in a new place!

My current dream destination is now Amazon River. If you also keen to explore Amazon river, feel free to reach out.

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