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Climbing Mount Fuji for Female Beginner

Climbing Mount Fuji for Female Beginner

Who owns Mount Fuji? Though the mountain was only recently added to the World Heritage List, it has been a symbol of Japan for centuries, a social and cultural landmark. The sacred and highest mountain in the land of rising sun which never fail to attract hiker from all over the world during the summer. But, if you are female, beginner, and willing to hike with no man company, don’t worry because Mount Fuji is totally safe and very possible to be conquered even by beginer-female hiker.

First let me give you some insightss before you start the adventure. Your hiking journey will be much more enjoyable and full prepared by doing suggestions below.

1. Train and Exercise

This one is very fundamental, ladies! Never avoid this step, ever. It is better to train at least two weeks before your hiking schedule and rest on the last two days before the kick off. If you are rarely doing exercise, try to challenge yourself by completing 5km run in less than 30 mins. Another exercise you can do is doing jump squat or any type of squat variations. Also train more and go focusing on abs exercise is also not a bad idea.

2. Bring Foods and Drinks

Even though hiking Mount Fuji is one of the most “luxury” summit adventure where you can always find food stalls even at the top of summit, there are some compulsory foods and drinks that will save your money and make your hike more convenient.

  • Calorie Bar
  • Hifh fiber food
  • Chocolate
  • Cup noodle
  • Plenty of water

3. Wind-breaker Jacket + waterproof is compulsory

As the latitude increases in every step you hike, the oxygen capacity will get thinner and the wind will hit you stronger. Be prepared of wind-breaker and waterproof jacket in case the rain falls. Remember that when you are on the mountain, the weather is unpredictable. Thunderstorm and rain may come suddenly eventhough the weather forecast says the sky is clear for the whole day.
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4. Coins

The toilet is not free!
Hiking Mt. Fuji is very convenient, in every rest station you will find  toilets you may use, BUT it is not free. They also use recycled water to flush the toilet so do not get surprised if you find the toilet has “urine-like” color (without smell). Never drink water from the basin or tap water there because it is absolutely not a drinking water. 200-300 yen is all you need to spend for one time usage of the toilet, the price varies as the station’s altitude gets higher. On the top of Mt. Fuji, 500ml of bottled water will cost you 500 yen.


5. Convenient bag/rucksack

To carry all those items on number 2, 3, 4 items as much as you want, also probably some blankets, heatpack, your own water, etc., you need a convenient large-bag. A rucksack is a bag with straps that go over your shoulders, so that you can carry things on your back, for example when you are walking or climbing.
Example of gear backpack: Coleman Bagpack


6. Take Photos when Going Up

Because, when you reach the top, your energy will be drained, especially after you got to see the almighty sunrise from 3000m above sea level. The world is all yours!
When you go down, the scenery is not as mesmerising as you go up. All you can see is red soil and all you can think is reaching the bottom without get slipped as fast as you can so that you can eat, go home, and take a rest as soon as possible.


7. Bring friend to talk to

As it is gonna be a quite long walking game (usually spend 5hrs going up, 3hrs going down), you better bring some friends to talk. Or if you are typical extrovert person, go approach another hiker and be friend with them. I am sure your hiking experience will be totally different.

Cheers!!! xoxo

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