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(My First) Tennis by The Fallen Cherry Blossoms Petal

(My First) Tennis by The Fallen Cherry Blossoms Petal

Spring may be the most awaited season all the year. It is like the magnet of tourist all year. You will find crowd of tourist in sakura viewing spot such as Naka-meguro river, Ueno park, Shinjuku Gyoen Park etc. So my suggestion is, don’t go there in this peak season. There are still plenty of less people garden or street with sakura’s blooming in it.

Ueno park, sakura, and people

This Sunday, we found an extraordinary place not only to enjoy sakura panoramic but also play tennis! 15 minutes cycling from our place, we finally arrived in Yamate Park. This entire park is huge and also has some tennis courts. And guess what? This area also owns a Tennis Museum!

Yamate Museum of Tennis Yokohama テニス発祥記念館

The Yamate Museum of Tennis in Yamate Park still has a number of clay courts and the two story wooden club house has exhibits of tennis equipment from the 1870’s including racquets, clothing and balls along with period photographs.

Two mannequins model the long skirts worn by female players of the day holding impossibly small wooden racquets. The second floor is the document work room.

Access – Getting There

Yamate Museum of Tennis
230, Yamate-cho
Tel: 045 681 8646

Admission to the Yamate Museum of Tennis is free and the museum is open from 10 am-5 pm daily. Closed on the third Monday of the month or the next day if Monday is a public holiday.

The tennis courts are run by the Yokohama International Tennis Community (; Tel: 045 681 9528) which is considered to be the oldest tennis club in Japan and a direct descendant of the Ladies Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

Club House


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