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From Singapore Career Fair to Japan Internship

From Singapore Career Fair to Japan Internship

What are you going to do after graduate from college? Pursuing higher education or starting to build your professional career? Both options fit each individual differently so before you decide, gaining some insights will help you understand how both options might shape your future. You probably have sufficient experience as a student and researcher in college yet couldn’t get much chance to experience how actually professional work life is.

If you’ve been dreaming working at the Land of Rising Sun, joining the Career Fair in Singapore is one of your pathways to seize it. In recent time, Japan has been aggresively putting effort to outsource professional worker from another country, especially country in Asia. It is not a hot issue that Japan’s population has shrunk for these past couple years. Eventhough it may seem prosperous with almost no significant issue at the moment, yet the country is urgently craving for adequate professionals who will support its economy and wellbeing in the near future.

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So in order to overcome those issues, Japanese company put a concrete action by promoting the job fair which is aimed to attract new graduates from notable university in Asia Pacific to join the company and work in Japan.

You can find the career fair information on these link below.

Asean Career Fair
Top Career

I participated at Asean Career Fair with Japan in 2016, so here are few points that hopefully will give you some insights on how should you proceed each stage wisely.

1. Submit The Application

This is where everything begins. In Asean Career Fair with Japan in Singapore, in order to receive the invitation letter to be presented at the venue, you have to pass this stage first. Once you are invited, after the event finishes, you will receive the accomodation fee in the range of SGD 150-250 (based on which country you are coming from), so don’t worry about the travelling cost to Singapore.

Since the event is usually held on January each year, so be ready to check the website regularly on November. Once the registration is open, fill the application and submit your most-updated resume. Be serious in writing your application, especially the motivational letter section, you’re better not to miss this step as this is one of a life changing process.

2. Research The Attending Companies

It is necessary to research the companies attending the event before putting up your tie or heels. Be sure to aim at company that offers adjacent position with your passion and future career goal. Also remember, some companies might have pre-candidacy selection, means that your interview seat is secured! If you pass this stage, you can directly make an interview appointment schedule with the company’s HR without lining up to submit your resume atthe venue. Some companies who open pre-candidacy selection is Fujitsu Limited and Daikin. Check on their company description and apply for the interview session appointment.

But, don’t worry if you can’t manage to have the interview appointment before going to Singapore. The companies are still accepting on-site resume.
If they think you are an outstanding candidate, they will offer you on-site interview at the moment (or if the schedule is full on that day, you may be required to extend your stay in Singapore to have private inteview session on the next day at their Singapore branch office).

3. Prepare an Adequate Number of Printed Resumes

It is important to print out more copies of your resume than you think you will need. Eventhough you won’t hand it to everyone you meet, having them readily available for the companies you interested in can get the hook on potential employment. Before you go and hit print, make sure you’ve double-checked your resume to include the most up-to-date information and reviewed. Also, at a career fair, you’ll find yourself in situations when you want to list up on every prospective company you may find it good for your future career, so don’t forget to bring a notepad.

4. Practice the Interview Session

Not only preparing for the most-updated resume is important, practicing the interview session is also fundamental part in every job/internship hunting. You can find many resource of frequently asked question for interview in websites. Here are few FAQ that Japanese company has always been asking during the interview session.

  • Please introduce yourself
  • Why do you want to work in this company
  • What contribution can you give for our company
  • Why do you want to work in Japan
  • What is your greatest achievement
  • How long will you stay in Japan if you are accepted
  • What is your hobby (it is important for them to know what do you do to release stress, answer it with bright smile and wide eyes, show that you are positive person)

5. Apply Not More than 3 Companies

Since it is only one day event, so it is impossible for you to visit all of the booth. Save your energy and boost your best performance in one or two shots. Remember, quality over quantity rule. That’s why it is important to get to know the attending company before attending the event.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

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6. Internship

Now that you finally receive the offer for internship, one of biggest stage have been conquered. It is the time to show your skill and professionalism as one of their potential employees.

If you like the Japan’s work-life balance/culture they promote, you can continue keeping the motor running until you get the permanent job.

How it feels like to work in other country, far away from our little hitherto comfort zone. Well it may be exciting, interesting, and difficult at the same time BUT why don’t you give it a try, since you are still young and worry free. Join the internship program and learn how you are gonna shape and decide your future.

Feel free to reach out in the comment box below if you have some inquiries.

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