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Brain Drain- A Major Drawback for Developing Countries

Brain Drain- A Major Drawback for Developing Countries

Brain drain is the next issue that makes a developing country (let’s say..Indonesia) seems to be stuck on developing progress and yet can’t even nearly catch up other well-developed countries (which also progress day by day). The people of developing country mostly use all the resources from the country to gain lots of knowledge and then finally they get themselves settled in the foreign countries. This makes a great way for the development of that particular country and it is a major drawback for our country. Brain drain is usually done by the one who thinks that there are now developments available in our country. We can also tell that the point of view of the people who settle in the other country and work for the other country is right because, if a person has developed him/herself in developing country he is not provided with great opportunity to develop him/herself in his/her origin country.

The reason for the brain drain may be because of political issues or any other issues. This is a serious problem in Indonesia and this is the reason why a person choses to go to foreign country to shine his/her carrier. Brain drain is now developing to a greater extent. People are given great importance in the other countries. There is also a thought that many people from developing country are very smart. Many graduates from notable university are actually very smart. The reason for the restriction in the development of our country is that the Indonesian brains are not given proper recognition or the Indonesia brains are not used properly by the proper person at the proper instance.

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